Network wiring 12/26-30

Posted December 20th, 2017 at 11:29 am.

In preparation for our upcoming telephone system replacement project, the following network wiring will be occurring in College Hall, and there will be some network outages to buildings including the Gym, Goodhart, and Carpenter while we are closed next week.  The vendor doing the work is PABEC and you may recognize their staff from prior projects.  If you see a workperson you do not recognize, never hesitate to ask them to identify themselves and the crew they are with.

The projected schedule is as follows:

12/26 (Tuesday)
-Wiring in College Hall for the Telephone System Replacement Project begins
-Re-terminate Guild to Schwartz Gym fiber (Network will be down to the Gym for the duration)

12/27 (Wednesday)
-Wiring in College Hall continues
-Re-terminate Guild to Goodhart  fiber (Network will be down to Goodhart Theater for the duration)

12/28 (Thursday)
-Wiring in College Hall continues
-Re-terminate Guild to College Hall fiber (Network will be down to College Hall and Carpenter Library)

12/29 (Friday)
-Wiring in College Hall continues
-Re-terminate College Hall to Carpenter Library fiber (Network will be down to Carpenter Library)

12/30 (Saturday)
-Wiring in College Hall concludes

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or x7440.  Please note that after 5pm on Friday December 22, the Help Desk with not re-open until January 3rd.

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