Lab Computer Replacement Schedule

Posted July 29th, 2019 at 12:22 pm.

LITS will be reimaging and replacing computers in labs and classrooms across campus from August 5 – August 16. Our tentative schedule for labs is below, though some dates may need to shift slightly if we encounter problems or if the process runs more quickly than anticipated.

Replace/Reimage Building Group Date
Replace Canaday Athena 5-Aug
Replace Carpenter DMCL 6-Aug
Replace GSSW GSSW 6-Aug
Reimage Park Physics Macs 6-Aug
Replace Park Collier Lab 6-Aug
Replace Park Chem Intro Laptops 6-Aug
Replace Canaday Canaday 315 8-Aug
Reimage Canaday Minerva 12-Aug
Reimage Canaday Canaday 1st 12-Aug
Reimage Canaday Lusty Cup 12-Aug
Reimage Park Bio Laptops 12-Aug
Replace Park Bio Laptops 12-Aug
Replace Carpenter Carpenter 1st 13-Aug
Reimage Park Geo Laptops 13-Aug
Reimage Canaday Writing Center 14-Aug
Replace Carpenter Carpenter Lower Level 14-Aug
Reimage Dalton Dalton 20 14-Aug
Reimage Park Math Laptops Park 354 14-Aug
Replace BYC Psyc Lab 131 15-Aug
Replace BYC Psyc Lab 35 15-Aug
Reimage BYC Psyc Lab 131 15-Aug
Reimage Park Collier Lab 15-Aug

Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440.

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