Upcoming Zoom Changes: June 17

Posted June 4th, 2020 at 9:59 am.

Starting on June 17, we will initiate two changes to the College’s institutional Zoom account. Though these changes will begin on that date, it may take several days for them to be applied sitewide.

These changes should fix issues that some community members have experienced with the way that personal Zoom accounts merged with our institutional accounts.  These changes will also increase the overall security of Zoom accounts. 

Who does this affect?
These changes will only impact you if you had previously created a personal Zoom account using your College (brynmawr.edu) email address.

If you don’t have a personal Zoom account or if your personal Zoom account uses a non-brynmawr.edu sign-in email address (e.g., gmail.com, icloud.net, yahoo.com, etc.), you can ignore this announcement — the changes will not affect you.

What happens if the changes impact me?

  • If you have also joined Bryn Mawr’s institutional license 
    • After the changes go into effect you will no longer be able to log to using the password you set up when you created the personal Zoom account.  
    • Please continue to use the Sign in with SSO option and your Bryn Mawr username and password to log in.* This will be the only log-in option available aftethe change.   
  • If you have not joined Bryn Mawr’s institutional license: 

*Note: If you choose the Sign in with SSO option and are taken straight into your Zoom account without being prompted to authenticate with your Bryn Mawr username and passwordit is because you are already logged into another platform (such as webmail, OneDrive or Moodle). This is normal behavior: the authentication token sent to your browser from the earlier log in has not yet expired and was applied to Zoom. 

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