Orientation to Classroom Technology for Fall

Posted July 30th, 2020 at 8:24 am.

sent to academiccommunity listserv 7/30/20:

Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to share with you some updates on our approach to classroom technology for the fall and to invite you to schedule time with a LITS team member for a hands-on orientation.

Many classrooms on campus are already fully configured with technology for hybrid instruction. Others are being augmented with webcams and sound systems for remote participation. Some rooms on campus that were not previously used as classrooms will be transformed into spaces for hybrid instruction with computers, webcams with integrated microphones, large screen displays, sound systems, and whiteboards/blackboards. Some smaller classrooms will be available for faculty to record lectures and practice on their own with online teaching tools.

To help faculty members prepare, we’ve published a list of the classrooms that will be in use this fall, each with their available technology listed. We are sharing what we know and expect at this time, though a few details might change slightly as classroom assignments are confirmed and technology is installed.

We encourage you to contact the Help Desk or to reach out to the Multimedia team directly at 610-526-7449 to schedule an orientation at any time. This can take place in your assigned classroom(s) if they’re ready, and if they’re not we can give you an overview in a similarly-configured room.

On August 10 we will follow up with a direct link to schedule an appointment with our orientation team (members of Multimedia and Educational Technology teams) for an in-person how-to in your assigned classroom(s). These appointments will begin on August 17. We will also share how-to guides and interactive visuals that will help you orient from a distance.

As always, please reach out to help@brynmawr.edu with any questions. We’re working collaboratively through this channel to assess needs, track requests, and provide consultation in ongoing ways.

All best,


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