New ways to Access College Software

If you’d like to get an idea of what software access will look like this fall, we’re ready to start testing our remote software solutions with all of you!  

To access LabStats, the software that provides remote access to one of our physical computers on campus, please follow the instructions here. 

To access our cloud based solution, Apporto, go to and login with your College credentials. From there, you’ll be able to access multiple pieces of College-licensed software such as SPSS, ArcGIS, and Mathematica. Tech Documentation and access to Mac-specific software will be coming soon.

Please keep in mind that we’re still actively working on ironing out any issues that arise as we’re setting up each system and adding new software every day. You may experience service interruptions or see things come and go at any time as we continue our work before the start of classes. Let us know how you think things are looking so far.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440.