Upgrade Your Zoom App(s) to Access New Features

Several recent updates to the Zoom mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) apps have added new meeting features as well as performance updates.

Although Zoom prompts you to install security updates for your current version as needed, you may need to manually upgrade to the latest version to get these new features.

New features added in recent versions include:

  • Self-select breakout rooms – host can enable users to choose which breakout rooms to join, but only if host and ALL participants are using a Zoom app that supports this feature.
  • Configure time limit for Join before host to 0-15 minutes before a scheduled meeting.
  • Pin and spotlight multiple participants (Mac and PC apps only; host can disable)
  • Additional meeting reactions (only if sender and recipients have version that supports it; not available on Linux)
  • Save multi-page Whiteboard as single PDF or multiple PNG files (not available on iOS or Android)

Note: None of these features are available for the Chrome OS app.

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