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Spotlight: What is Multi-factor Authentication? Where and why should I use it?

Posted November 8, 2017

Have you ever had an online service encourage you to enable an additional layer of login security?  Like many of us, you probably thought “my password is good enough,” “that sounds inconvenient,” or “why would I want that?” It’s true you need strong passwords (and a good way to manage them).  But are they enough?  […]

Spotlight: Your Browser is Speaking (and You Should Listen)

Posted October 17, 2017

Community members often report that it’s hard to understand messages or icons that may appear in their browser.  They don’t know which messages are informational, and which represent real issues. Modern browsers have many subtle ways to communicate, and some of the messages they’re sending are a big deal.  Being able to decode these is […]

Spotlight: Data Security Basics

Posted October 6, 2017

Some words of wisdom before we get started:  there is no single “right way to do” data security, especially on the go.  What you choose depends on your needs and the data you mean to protect.  This post contains generalized advice on some things you could use and should think about, but it’s not a […]

Spotlight: Password Managers

Posted September 6, 2017

What’s a Password Manager? “A password manager is a software application … that helps a user store and organize passwords. Password managers usually store passwords encrypted…” –Wikipedia Why do you need one? There’s a password for everything in your life. You have a username and a password for places you shop, bank and credit card […]

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation 2017

Posted August 31, 2017

Highlighting Top Resources for Students Get Microsoft Office for FREE by logging in at Click Office 365 in the top left corner and click to install Office 2016 on more than five devices! Need to learn a new tech skill? Check out! See the LITS Blog for more info. Did you know we […]

Spotlight: Privacy with Chrome

Posted August 7, 2017

Earlier this year, LITS changed the recommended campus browser to Chrome.  In our announcement, we said: “As you may know, we are often cautious about Google’s products given the large volume of information that they gather and retain about Internet users and customers of their many services.  As Chrome has matured, Google has provided us better […]

Spotting Scammy Web Addresses

Posted July 17, 2017

How can you tell if a web page is legitimate or designed to steal your sensitive data? Look at the URL below: Would you log in to access your email from this address? If you did, you’d be giving your password to a crafty cyber criminal. Being able to identify phony web addresses (URLs) can help […]

Simplify File Clean-Up Day with the Order of Operations Guide

Posted January 25, 2017

File Clean-Up Day is quickly approaching (Wednesday, 2/1), and you might be wondering, “What should I focus on cleaning first?” To help your efforts and avoid flawed results, we’ve created the FCUD Order of Operations Guide. This interactive guide will help you determine a customized Order of Operations based on where you store your files. […]

Copy/Paste New Skills from to Your Brain

Posted January 18, 2017

Leading up to File Clean-Up Day on 2/1/17, spend some time learning more about a tool you probably use every single day – your File Manager application! Learn or review how to perform the basics (copy, cut, paste, move, and delete files) and more advanced actions (creating shortcuts, customizations) using Windows File Explorer and Mac […]

Sign the File Clean-Up Day Pledge to win pizza lunch, Top 11 Tips for 2/1/17

Posted January 11, 2017

Looking forward to more efficient digital file management? Want a little extra motivation? Would pizza help?* Join colleagues on February 1st for the College’s first File Clean-Up Day! Sign the Pledge to record your commitment; the department with the highest participation will win a pizza lunch! Take the first step toward streamlining and securing your […]

Sorting Files by Size and Type

Posted January 5, 2017

On February 1st, the College will host its first File Clean-Up Day. Community members will get a chance to clean up specific storage locations with the goal of streamlining/speeding up your work and working towards more efficient and secure file management. Stay tuned for more details! In preparation for File Clean-Up Day, LITS’ Spotlight Series […]

Give Microsoft Feedback on Office 365

Posted November 10, 2016

Now that you’ve been using Office 365 for a few months, we wanted to make sure you were all aware of Microsoft’s Suggestion Box. Have a great idea for a new feature or improvement? Share your Feedback from within the Mail and Calendar apps. Just click on the question mark in the upper right corner […]

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