Zoom: Meeting/Webinar Registration Changes Coming Oct 17

Currently when a person registers for a Zoom meeting or webinar, they see the link need join the meeting on both a registration confirmation page displayed immediately in the browser and a confirmation email sent to the address they used to register.

In order to help prevent Zoom-bombing, Zoom will stop displaying the join link on registration confirmation pages by default on October 17. Meeting and webinar participants will only be able to find this information in the confirmation email they receive at the email address they used when registering.  (Hosts can resend these emails at any point.) Note that this change will apply to all upcoming meetings, even if registration started before the change took place.

Hosts will be able to optionally reveal join links to participants who register immediately before an event begins if desired. Since this allows participants to enter without verifying their email address, hosts who do this should familiarize themselves with the in-meeting security features for controlling and removing unwanted or disruptive participants.

Please contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440

RESOLVED: Unable to Access Adobe Products

Update, 2:45pm: We’re very happy to report that Adobe has resolved the issue and that community members should again be able to access all of their usual Adobe products. Thank you so much for your patience while we worked through this situation.

If you continue to experience issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk.

This morning, when working with Adobe products, community members started receiving a message stating that “This feature is not included in your current Acrobat license”.

LITS staff have been working with our vendor since receiving the other notices last week and were assured that all of our licenses are in place. We are working with them again now and have indicated that this is a work-stopping issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and are working to resolve things as quickly as possible.

We will continue to update you as we get more information. Please contact the Help Desk with any questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

Information Security Education Program Starts 10/1

Today is the day! Your Information Security Education Program launches today. As you begin the program, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Bonus content: Now for some ~scary stories~ from Cipher Security: https://cipher.com/blog/the-most-spine-chilling-cyber-threats-this-halloween/

For any additional questions, please reach out to the Help Desk at help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440


Happy spooky season, Bryn Mawr! To ensure that this season is filled with all treats and no tricks, please make sure to complete your InfoSec Education program between Saturday, 10/1, and Tuesday, 11/1. Here are some items to keep in mind as you gear up for the program:

  •  The site for the InfoSec Education Program does not use your Bryn Mawr credentials
    • Emails with login information will be sent out between Friday, 9/30, and Monday, 10/3
    • The credentials will also be posted on this page on Monday, 10/3
  • Everyone, except for the undergraduate students, is required to complete the program
    • If you were hired this year (2022) and have already completed the program, please email help@brynmawr.edu to be exempt from completing it again
  •  The program should take 90-120 minutes to complete and can be saved and completed in multiple sessions

 For more information about our program, please see https://www.brynmawr.edu/inside/offices-services/library-information-technology-services/projects-partnerships/information-security-program/information-security-education

For additional questions, please reach out to the Help Desk at help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440

Week 3: Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader is a fantastic reading tool that Microsoft has implemented into many of its products. Check out this link to see the updated list of which Microsoft products have Immersive Reader. 

Immersive Reader allows you to modify the way text appears as well as provides tools to help increase understanding. You can choose the font, size, and spacing of text, as well as what background color you would like the text to be on. You can also change the text so that you can see the words broken up by syllables or labeled by parts of speech. Additionally, Immersive Reader has a feature that allows you to only see one or three lines of text at a time to help you focus. 

If you are having trouble comprehending the text, Immersive Reader has some tools to help. Using the picture dictionary feature you can click on a word and an image of what the word means will appear. You can also use the translation feature to translate words one by one or to translate the entire text into a different language.  All of the grammar features of Immersive Reader are still available when you translate text to a different language. 

Lastly, Immersive Reader will read text aloud to you in a natural sounding voice. Depending on what language your text is in, you will have an option of either or both a male and female voice. You can adjust the speed of the voice as necessary.  

Use this Ask Athena article to learn more about using Immersive Reader. 

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

H: Drive File Restore Services Unavailable

Please note that H: drive file restore is temporarily unavailable. Everything in your H: drive will remain there, but LITS will not be able to retrieve any items once you’ve deleted them from your H: drive. We are actively working to resolve this issue. In the meantime, you may want to consider backing up important and/or frequently used items to another storage solution like OneDrive.

You can also back up files to the S: drive if they contain sensitive information. Please see our Data Handling Policy at https://www.brynmawr.edu/inside/offices-services/library-information-technology-services/about/policies/data-handling-policy to determine which items need to go to the S: drive.

For assistance with data back up and other questions, contact the Help Desk at help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440

Messages about Adobe Apps Expiring

Starting today, community members may receive a message that their Adobe license has expired. We are currently working with our vendor to resolve this and to ensure that no one loses access.

In the meantime, all Adobe apps should still be functioning as normal. Please feel free to click “OK” on the error message if it pops up.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

Office 365: Clutter will be Disabled 10/27/22

On October 27, 2022 LITS will disable a deprecated Office 365 feature called Clutter.

Microsoft no longer supports or encourages the use of Clutter and has replaced it with Focused Inbox. Clutter does not behave consistently and may cause problems for the small number of accounts that still have it.

LITS has been able to do a limited amount of testing, and in our experience, community members that previously had the Clutter feature noticed that more messages appeared in their primary inbox once it was turned off. If this poses problems for you, there are a few ways you can manage the flow of messages to your inbox:

For more information on cleaning up your inbox, check out Microsoft Support’s Manage and Organize advice and our article on Data Clean-Up for your Email Inbox.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

Week 2: Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a tool you can use to have content on your computer read aloud to you.  As the name implies, Natural Reader provides natural sounding voices, compared to the robotic sounding voices which are sometimes found in text-to-speech programs. You can select a voice from a variety of free and paid options, as well as voices that can read in different accents and languages. Additionally, you can choose how fast or slow the voice reads aloud. 

Natural Reader Google Chrome extension: This extension allows you to listen to web pages and emails aloud. Simply open the extension and click the play button to begin listening. If you would like to start at a particular place in the text, highlight that sentence and then click play so it will read from that point forward. 

Natural Reader Online Reader: This tool allows you to upload files, including .doc, .pdf, and .ppt, and have the content of those files read aloud. You can also increase the font size and convert the text into Dyslexie font so that it is easier to read.  

Lastly, both the extension and online reader allow you to download an MP3 recording of the text being read aloud in the voice of your choice so that you can listen to your reading on the go. 

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

Unscheduled Moodle Maintenance: Monday, September 26

LITS will be performing emergency maintenance on Moodle at  7:30 AM on Monday, September 26, 2022. The upgrade will address security vulnerabilities and should last 10 minutes. People who are already logged in should experience minimal disruption during the maintenance window.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

Warning: New Phishing Attempt

Please be aware of a recent attempt to gather login, password, and other secure personal or College data from Bryn Mawr College community members.

Be on the lookout for messages that notify you of scanned images and include attached files. Please see the image below of what the email(s) look like. This is a scam.

Do not open the attachment, click on links, or respond in any way. Delete the message or report it as Phishing in Outlook. If you believe you’ve given your information to a phisher, immediately change your password and contact the Help Desk: help@brynmawr.edu, 610-526-7440.

Email scams come in many forms. While we work to keep you informed, attacks are increasingly diverse and sophisticated. It’s not possible for us to warn you of every message before you see it. Be cautious and suspicious. If you ever have a question or suspicion, don’t hesitate to contact the Help Desk.