RESOLVED: Duo Unavailable

Updated 5/13/24 at 4:15pm:

This issue appears to be resolved for those of us who have been testing, though Duo’s status page still reports some issues with Duo Push. Please let us know if you continue to experience problems using Duo.

Community members are reporting that they are unable to use Duo to authenticate to Bryn Mawr College services.

Reports indicate that this is a pervasive problem not unique to Bryn Mawr. 

We will update as we learn more. Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440.

RESOLVED: SPSS Unavailable

UPDATE Saturday, 5/4: As of very early this morning, SPSS is once again available and functional. Please report any lingering issues to the Help Desk.

This morning, there is a server issue that is affecting community members’ ability to access and use SPSS. We are actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions: or 610-526-7440

RESOLVED: Tripod Unavailable

Update, 9:25am: Tripod is once again available to community members. Please get in touch if you are having any lingering issues.

Starting this morning, community members have been able to access Tripod, the library catalog. While it’s unavailable, patrons will be unable to do things like search for books or articles, access their patron records, or place holds. We are actively looking into the issue and getting in touch with our vendor. We don’t have an estimated time for when things will be back up and running, but we’re working to get things resolved as quickly as possible.

Please contact the Circulation Desk with any questions:


Update: Some Trouble with Accessing College Services (including email and Zoom)

Updated 4/19/24 9:10am

We believe the issue has been identified and resolved. It will take ~1 hour or so for accounts to become accessible again. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues accessing Bryn Mawr College services.

This morning, some community members have reported issues accessing their email and Zoom. LITS is actively looking in to the issue and working to fix it as quickly as we are able.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns: or 610-526-7440

RESOLVED: Wired Network in Dalton is Unavailable

Update, 4:50pm: All networks in Dalton are once again available. Please contact the Help Desk to report any lingering issues.

The wired (ethernet) network in Dalton is currently unavailable. We are actively looking into the issue and will work to resolve things as quickly as we are able. The wireless network is still working without any issues.

Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions: or 610-526-7440.

Intermittent Network Outages in Dalton TONIGHT, 4/12

Starting around 4pm this evening, LITS staff will be working to replace outdated networking equipment in Dalton. While the work is being done, there may be some brief, intermittent network outages. We will work to do the work as quickly as we can and with as little disruption as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience while we perform this necessary maintenance.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions: or 610-526-7440.

RESOLVED: All Campus Phones Out Of Service

Update, 10:50am: Phone service has returned to normal. If your phone is still not working, please reboot it. If you need any assistance with that or need to report any lingering issues to the Help Desk.

This morning, the campus phone network went down unexpectedly and community members are unable to use their campus telephones to make or receive calls. Network technicians in LITS are actively working to assess and repair the issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns:

Warning: New Phishing Attempts, 4/8

Another day, another new set of phishing messages. One warns community members that, unless quick action is taken, their account will be deleted. The other offers a fake job opportunity. Both of these messages use some Bryn Mawr branding and ask the recipients to click on a link and fill out a form. Both of these are scams.

Do not respond to the email, click on any links, or fill out any forms.

Please feel free to delete these messages. If you clicked on these links or if you’ve filled out either of these forms and have given your information to the phisher, immediately change your password and contact the Help Desk:, 610-526-7440.

Email scams come in many forms. While we work to keep you informed, attacks are increasingly diverse and sophisticated. It’s not possible for us to warn you of every message before you see it. Be cautious and suspicious. If you ever have a question or suspicion, don’t hesitate to contact the Help Desk.


No Free Pianos, No Free Welding Equipment

We’ve seen a recent uptick in fraudulent emails that look like they’re coming from members of the Bryn Mawr community and offer free things like pianos or welding equipment. Please mark them as phishing and don’t respond.

Instructions for marking emails as Junk (or Phishing) are available here:

Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440

New Zoom Features Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce that new features will begin rolling out to Bryn Mawr Zoom accounts in the coming weeks:

  • Everyone will get access to Zoom Scheduler, an appointment-booking app for in-person and Zoom meetings, including team appointment bookings like next available round robins.
    • Individuals and departments who subscribe to platforms like Calendly or Book with Me may want to migrate to Zoom Scheduler but can wait until it is convenient to do so.
    • LITS will provide detailed migration information and support starting in May.
  • Faculty and staff will be able to host Zoom Webinars with up to 500 participants in addition to Meetings with up to 300 participants.
  • Note you will need to log into the Zoom web portal to access these features. (The Zoom desktop and mobile apps have more limited features and the integrations with Moodle and Outlook are designed for Zoom Meetings only.)

There will be no downtime and no change in how Zoom Meetings work.

Please contact the Help Desk at or 610-526-7440 if you have questions or concerns.