Emergency Maintenance on Moodle 8/20 2-3pm

LITS will be performing emergency maintenance on Moodle between 2 and 3 pm on Thursday, August 20 to fix outstanding bugs and issues. We do not anticipate that there will be any system downtime, but some logged in users may notice brief changes in the appearance of the site or performance delays.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

RESOLVED: Connection between Moodle and Panopto Unavailable

This connection between Moodle and Panopto is now working normally.
Please contact the Help Desk if you are experiencing any lingering issues.

The connection between Moodle and Panopto is not working after yesterday’s Moodle updates. We are working with Panopto to fix this ASAP. We will update again once we have more information or when things have been resolved.
In the meantime, please access Panopto by:
  1. Go to https://brynmawr.hosted.panopto.com
  2. Choose the SAML log in option from the drop-down menu
  3. Click “Sign in”
  4. Login with your regular College credentials

Please contact the Help Desk with questions: 610-526-7440 or help@brynmawr.edu

LITS Fall Newsletter: Software, Library Hours, Makerspace and more

Sent to faculty and staff listservs 8/17/20:

Welcome to the first LITS Fall Newsletter!

These messages will collect important information and reminders about library and information technology services that are new or different for the fall 2020 semester.  Look for our next installments on Mondays into September.

Ways we’re sharing information

Lab Software

We’re in the final stages of implementing two solutions that will provide remote access to the software normally available on public computers. The first (LabStats) provides remote access to a physical lab computer and all of the software that’s on it. The second (Apporto) is a cloud-based solution that uses a web browser to essentially “stream” a lab software environment. The great thing about this solution is that it works from any device with a web browser and internet access. We’re excited to provide details and instructions as we complete our testing.

Access to Required Course Readings Across the BiCo

The bookstore and the library are working together to purchase all e-books we can for required course texts. The libraries will be reaching out to Bryn Mawr faculty who have Haverford students enrolled in their classes to provide information about how Haverford enrollees can gain access to electronic resources that Bryn Mawr, but not Haverford, has access to. Likewise, Haverford will provide Bryn Mawr students taking classes at Haverford with access to resources only Haverford has.

New in Ed Tech

This week, we will reach the last milestone of our Moodle upgrade. Starting August 18, features in high demand such as inline PDF annotation, collapsible topics, attendance tracking, and integrations with Zoom, Perusall, and Piazza will be available on Moodle.

We’ll document and advertise all new features via this newsletter, LITS’ Tech Docs, and the LITS Blog, so keep an eye out for more information.

Library Hours

BMC Libraries will have limited access for Bryn Mawr and BiCo community members this fall, including designated study spaces with social distancing for students in particular areas of Canaday and Carpenter, access to Special Collections and non-circulating materials by appointment, and service desks. Stacks areas will be closed, and we will continue to provide contactless pick-up for physical materials via the circulation desks at Canaday and Carpenter. Collier Library will be closed to patrons this fall due to ventilation issues, and books and other circulating materials will continue to be paged from Collier for contactless pickup at Canaday. These are the planned fall semester hours for Canaday and Carpenter Libraries, starting on September 8:

  • M-Th – 8am-10pm
  • F – 8am-8pm
  • Sat – 9am-8pm
  • Sun – closed

Library Carrels

In order to provide equitable access to distanced study space in the libraries, carrels will not be assigned to undergraduate or graduate students this semester. Graduate Group students will receive more information soon about changes to Carpenter carrels.

Classroom Technology

Classroom tech orientations are in full swing. Sign up now and see the Classroom Technology for Fall Semester 2020 page for more information about what equipment you’ll find in each space.

The Makerspace

We’re pleased to announce that Bryn Mawr has a Makerspace! Located in Park 157, the Makerspace offers workspace, digital fabrication and prototyping tools, a woodshop, sewing machines and supplies, and more. As part of LITS, the Makerspace will help to further explorations into critical making and material culture, support educational and pedagogical efforts on campus, and provide a welcoming space for members of the Bryn Mawr and Trico community to practice and develop new skills.

To discuss ways the Makerspace can support your work, please contact Bronwen Densmore, Makerspace coordinator at bdensmore@brynmawr.edu or visit http://digitalscholarship.brynmawr.edu/makerspace/ for more up to date information.

And some near-term reminders while we’re here…

As always, please reach out to help@brynmawr.edu with any questions. We’re working collaboratively through this channel to assess needs, track requests, and provide consultation in ongoing ways.

New Phishing Attempt, 8/13

Please be aware of a recent attempt to gather login, password, and other secure personal or College data from Bryn Mawr College community members.

Be on the lookout for messages that appear to be soliciting faculty evaluations via Microsoft Sharepoint and contain a link to a file. The email may also include names of Bryn Mawr College community members. This is a scam.

A screenshot of an email window. It has a link to open a file and an attachment from Microsoft Word.

Do not click links, download files, or respond in any way. Delete the message or report it as Phishing in Outlook. If you believe you’ve given your information to a phisher, immediately change your password and contact the Help Desk.

Email scams come in many forms. While we work to keep you informed, attacks are increasingly diverse and sophisticated. It’s not possible for us to warn you of every message before you see it. Be cautious and suspicious. If you ever have a question or suspicion, the Help Desk is happy to help verify messages.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu, 610-526-7440, or lits.brynmawr.edu

Library curbside pickup and scanning through August 21

Because student employees will not be able to work in person from August 24th through September 8th during their quarantine period, the Libraries will not be able to offer scanning or curbside pickup of library materials between August 21st and September 8th.

Curbside Pickup

Please submit requests for curbside pickup no later than noon on Tuesday, August 18th, in order to be able to pick up materials by the last available day, Friday the 21st. TriCo materials may take longer to arrive, so we recommend submitting those requests as soon as possible.

To request materials for curbside pickup via Tripod, please see https://techdocs.blogs.brynmawr.edu/9201#document_delivery for instructions.

If you need to pick up materials that have already been paged, please make sure to schedule those pickups if you haven’t already. Materials still awaiting pickup after August 21st can be picked up after the library opens for the semester. The outdoor book drop will also be closed at 4pm on August 21st and will be available again when the library reopens.


Please submit requests for scanning of library materials no later than 5pm on Thursday August 20th (ideally as soon as possible). Scanning requests should all be submitted through ILLiad. For more information see https://techdocs.blogs.brynmawr.edu/9201#interlibrary_loans.

InterLibrary Loan article requests for scans from other institutions will still be processed during the August 24 – September 7th window based on other institutions’ opening and services.

Please contact circulation@brynmawr.edu or library@brynmawr.edu with questions.

When and how to back up your Moodle course

In preparation for the final step of our Moodle upgrade (Aug 18, 2020), faculty and staff might need to create a back up of previous courses. Any action to back up courses or course files should be taken before Aug 18. To assist with this process, below is a quick guide on what to do with your courses based on when they were taught and when you will need them:

For Fall 2017 to Spring 2020 courses:

These courses are currently on Moodle (https://moodle.brynmawr.edu) and will be automatically archived by LITS on August 18, 2020. After that date, you will be able to access these courses via the archive at https://moodlearchive.brynmawr.edu.

For Spring 2017 and earlier courses:

These courses are currently stored on the Moodle archive (https://moodlearchive.brynmawr.edu) and will be permanently deleted on August 18, 2020. The current archive will be replaced with a more-recent archive containing courses from Fall 2017 and later.

If you have a Spring 2017 or earlier course and you will not be using the course this fall but would like to keep a backup, you may:

If you have a Spring 2017 or earlier course and will need your course for this fall, you should back up and restore your course to Poodle or request that LITS do that for you before August 18, 2020. Instructions for both are here: http://techdocs.blogs.brynmawr.edu/6626

Moodle Outage and Changes 9am to 11am on Aug 18, 2020

As the final step in our Moodle upgrade process, both old and new Moodle sites will be down for scheduled maintenance between 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Aug 18, 2020

During this outage:

  • The URL for the new Moodle site (currently at poodle.brynmawr.edu) will change to moodle.brynmawr.edu.
  • The new Moodle site will be connected to Panopto, and Panopto course folders will be created for all fall 2020  academic courses.
  • The URL for the old Moodle site, with course content from fall 2017 through summer 2020 will become moodlearchive.brynmawr.edu.
  • The old moodlearchive site, with course content from fall 2014 through spring 2017 will be retired.

Starting at 11am, students, faculty and staff should log into moodle.brynmawr.edu to access fall academic courses. (We will place a redirect on poodle.brynmawr.edu to alert anyone who accidentally logs in after that.)


If you need course materials on moodlearchive.brynmawr.edu, create and download a backup file BEFORE 9AM AUGUST 18. You will lose access to those materials at that point.

Advice on when and how to back up your Moodle course

Please note that due to security risks connected to outdated software on moodlearchive.brynmawr.edu, we have had to restrict access to people who are on physically on campus or logging in through the VPN. You will see a security warning when accessing the site, This is due to the outdated software; it is okay to proceed in order to archive materials, but this is why it is imperative that we take the site down as soon as possible. If you have trouble connecting to moodlearchive, try:

  • clearing your browser history
  • quitting and restarting your browser
  • using a different browser entirely
  • disconnecting from the VPN and reconnecting

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

Self-schedule an Orientation to Your Classroom Technology

We encourage you to self-schedule an appointment with our orientation team for an in-person how-to in your assigned classroom(s). These appointments will begin on August 17.

Sign up here: https://calendly.com/bmc-classroom-help/classroom-orientation-with-lits-staff

More information: https://www.brynmawr.edu/lits/classroom-technology-fall-semester-2020.

Contact the Help Desk (610-526-7440, help@brynmawr.edu) or reach out to the Multimedia team directly at 610-526-7449.