Zoom: Meeting/Webinar Registration Changes Coming Oct 17

Currently when a person registers for a Zoom meeting or webinar, they see the link need join the meeting on both a registration confirmation page displayed immediately in the browser and a confirmation email sent to the address they used to register.

In order to help prevent Zoom-bombing, Zoom will stop displaying the join link on registration confirmation pages by default on October 17. Meeting and webinar participants will only be able to find this information in the confirmation email they receive at the email address they used when registering.  (Hosts can resend these emails at any point.) Note that this change will apply to all upcoming meetings, even if registration started before the change took place.

Hosts will be able to optionally reveal join links to participants who register immediately before an event begins if desired. Since this allows participants to enter without verifying their email address, hosts who do this should familiarize themselves with the in-meeting security features for controlling and removing unwanted or disruptive participants.

Please contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440