TriCo Douglass Day 2023, featuring the papers of Mary Ann Shadd Cary: February 14th, 12-3pm

Every year, Douglass Day is held on February 14th by the Colored Conventions Project to celebrate the life of Fredrick Douglass. By collectively transcribing online collections of historical documents, attendees will make Black history and culture more accessible to the public.

This year’s Douglass Day celebration will be focused on the life of Mary Ann Shad Cary, a teacher, lawyer, abolitionist, and first black woman publisher in North America. This event will include transcription sessions through Zooniverse and live speeches and performances on the Douglass Day YouTube channel.

The BMC local Douglass Day event is organized by LITS and the Tri-Co Libraries with support from Sisterhood*. It will be held in Canaday 315 and remotely over Zoom from 12:00-3:00pm EST on February 14th, 2023.There will be refreshments, baked goods from Sweet T’s Bakery, and event swag. We recommend participants bring their own devices however you will also be able to use desktop computers. Parallel events will also be held at Haverford and Swarthmore for those who want to patriciate at either location.

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