Warning: New Phishing Attempt

Please be aware of a recent attempt to gather login, password, and other secure personal or College data from Bryn Mawr College community members.

Be on the lookout for messages that notify you of scanned images and include attached files. Please see the image below of what the email(s) look like. This is a scam.

Do not open the attachment, click on links, or respond in any way. Delete the message or report it as Phishing in Outlook. If you believe you’ve given your information to a phisher, immediately change your password and contact the Help Desk: help@brynmawr.edu, 610-526-7440.

Email scams come in many forms. While we work to keep you informed, attacks are increasingly diverse and sophisticated. It’s not possible for us to warn you of every message before you see it. Be cautious and suspicious. If you ever have a question or suspicion, don’t hesitate to contact the Help Desk.

UPDATE: New York Times Online Access Restored

As of today, community members are again able to access the New York Times online. In order to activate your account through Bryn Mawr, please follow the instructions here: https://guides.tricolib.brynmawr.edu/nytimes-BMC.

Thank you for your patience while we worked to restore this service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to be in touch: library@brynmawr.edu or circulation@brynmawr.edu

Week 1: Welcome to Keep Calm and Use Assistive Technology!

What is assistive technology? Assistive technology is any tool that helps you do what you want to do. There are many different categories of assistive technology, but for this semester we will focus on tools that help in educational and professional settings. 

This November we will host a digital escape room where participants will use assistive technology to solve clues. To get ready for this challenge (and shave some minutes off your escape room time), follow these blog posts each week to learn about the assistive technology tools you will have to use in the escape room. 

For this first week we will focus on Helperbird, which is an academic support tool available for free to all Bryn Mawr College community members.  

Helperbird is a Google Chrome extension that offers support for reading, comprehension, researching, and writing. In particular, Helperbird can help you as you read PDFs and websites for school and work.   

To get access to Helperbird and to learn all about the features available, read this Ask Athena article about getting started with Helperbird. 

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

Update: Widespread Zoom Outage

Updated 9/15 at 11:30 AM:

Zoom appears to be working again, at least locally. Users across the country are still reporting errors, so you may find that you still have trouble connecting with folks who are not at Bryn Mawr.

Zoom is currently unavailable for many community members at Bryn Mawr, and across the country.

Teams may be a good alternative in the meantime. We will post updates here when we know more.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.

New Accessibility Resources and Learning Opportunities

Check out the new Accessibility Best Practices guide. This step-by-step guide helps you vet the materials and practices you use for accessibility.

Have questions about accessibility or assistive technology?

      • Stop by during Accessibility Office Hours every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12-1 pm to have your questions answered.
      • Check out Assistive Technology Talk on Fridays at 2pm for workshops all about tools and tips to reach your goals this year!
      • Faculty and staff are invited to our Lunch and Learn program for bite-size tips on how to make your class more accessible: every other Monday from 12-12:30.
      • Watch the Daily Digest for details and zoom links!

Last but not least, the escape room is back! This semester’s game is called Keep Calm and Use Assistive Technology. Keep an on the LITS blog posts starting next week to learn ways to shave minutes off your team’s time this November.  Are you up for the challenge?

New York Times Online Access: Currently Unavailable

Currently, community members’ access to the New York Times online is unavailable. We are working to resolve the issue and restore access as soon as possible, but don’t have a current estimation for when it might again be available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please email circulation@brynmawr.edu if you need help finding alternate ways to access specific materials.

RESOLVED: GSSW Network and Phone Service Unavailable (9/6)

Update, 11:45am: The issues with internet and phone service have been resolved and everything should be working as expected. Please report any lingering issues to the Help Desk.

Due to equipment problems, both internet and telephone service is unavailable in the Graduate School of Social Work. We are actively working to diagnose and resolve the issues. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns: help@brynmawr.edu, 610-526-7440.

Telephone Service Provider Change: Intermittent Disruptions to Off-Campus Calling

We have learned from our vendor that the necessary change to our service provider could include some disruptions to calls being made to and from off-campus phone numbers. Calls made between on-campus phone numbers will not be affected.

As such, we will begin our work at 7:30am on Thursday, 9/1 in the hope of limiting disruptions as much as possible. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

If you find that you are unable to make a call to an off-campus phone number, you could try connecting with the person via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you need help setting up a meeting, please get in touch with the Help Desk: help@brynmawr.edu or 610.526.7440.


Fax Service: Potential for intermittent issues

Beginning September 1, the College’s telephone service carrier will change. While this will not disrupt phone service, fax service may have intermittent issues going forward.

If you experience problems sending or receiving faxes, please report them to the Help Desk. A little later this fall, staff and faculty will have the opportunity to provide LITS with input about their current faxing needs. Please stay tuned for additional communications and a questionnaire.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: help@brynmawr.edu or 610-526-7440.


Fall 2022 Course Reserves

emailed to academiccommunity listserv 8/31/22:

To place a book or video on reserve, please fill out the book reserve and/or video reserve form for the library you wish your reserves to be in, located in the LITS service catalog: https://td.brynmawr.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=279 Please note that you must submit a request in order for an item to go on reserve for your course.

The library will accept requests for required course texts and videos from faculty, and you will have the option to indicate a preference for either digital or physical formats. For physical books, we will obtain one copy per 20 students enrolled in the course. Please note that while we will make every effort to acquire items in the requested format, not all titles are available as e-books and not all e-books are available for library use. If you request an e-book and we cannot acquire it, we will acquire a print copy of the book.

Please include all e-books in your request even if you already see them in Tripod. We “rent” and do not “own” many of the e-book titles in Tripod, and books we don’t own sometimes disappear without warning. Unless we purchase the book (as an e-book or in print), we can’t guarantee it will be available for the entire semester. Your subject librarian would be happy to advise on resources for your courses (https://www.brynmawr.edu/inside/offices-services/library-information-technology-services/lits-staff/subject-librarians)

All reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received. All items will be kept on reserve until the end of the semester, unless otherwise requested. Please note that if the Library needs to purchase or recall an item, it may take time to arrive.

Contact circulation@brynmawr.edu with questions.

Telephone Services Provider Change: No service disruptions expected

On September 1st, Bryn Mawr College will be switching to a new telephone services provider.


Our new service provider, Telesystems, will begin their work at 8:00am Thursday, September 1st. Telesystems has indicated telephone service to the College will continue uninterrupted as they complete this transition.


This change is required as Verizon notified our current telephone services provider, Windstream, that Verizon will be physically disconnecting our current telephone network on this date. This change only affects calls made to and from phone numbers that are off-campus. It does not affect phone calls that are made to and from on-campus phone numbers.


If anyone does experience anything unusual, please contact the Help Desk (help@brynmawr.edu or x7440).